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Rako Bedroom


Smart Lighting Control

Rako smart lighting controls and systems are simple to use, creative, easily installed & cost-effective.

Wireless Keypads

Wireless control panels can be both flush or surface mounted, neither need wires and surface mounting eliminates the need for a back-box. Wired panels connect using a cat5 network with LED tell-back indicators.

Rako Keypad

Wireless Modules

For distributed, retrofit, or smaller installations.

The RMS800 module can control up to 800VA of mains non-dimmable lighting loads and is ideal for extractor fans, LEDs, and non-dimmable fluorescents.

Rako Switch

The Hub

This is the brains behind any smart home – it’s the central device that talks to everything else. The Hub replaces previous interfaces that were a little less pretty on the eye and can be free-standing or wall mounted.

Rako Hub
Rako Keypad

Modular Push Button

Both wired and wireless Modular control modules are designed to be flush mounted to UK back boxes with buttons available in black or white and nine different surround finishes to choose from.  A number of standard button configurations are available offering scene and curtain/blind control options, with custom button engraving available to order.

Rako Actuator

Control modules & Racks

Stackable Raks provide a neat solution for centralised mounting for either wired or wireless control. Individual modules allow distributed installation with wireless or combined control. Both systems provide options to cover every lighting scenario.


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