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The Ultimate in Home Theater 

For those with dedicated rooms seeking true cinema sound. With unsurpassed clarity and control, and a variety of installation options.

In Wall Home Theater 

For the ultimate in discreet sound delivery, in wall speakers provide engrossing home theatre and media room experiences while being virtually hidden from eyesight.


Dolby Atmos Enabled Height Speaker

In-wall height speaker is designed specifically for Dolby Atmos® and other object-based sound formats. the architectural in-wall solution to the traditional floor-standing or bookshelf “height speakers” and reflects sound off the ceiling to place and move audio anywhere in the room for an immersive experience.


Dedicated Home Theater 

Feel the rumble of thunder as it approaches, the shriek of violins when the shadows loom, the breath of young lovers as their eyes meet – for a truly immersive sound experience that can only come from a lifetime in cinema, it’s got to be Krix.


Immersive AV Processors

The ACT 4 20-channel immersive processor represents a revolution in 3D-audio home cinema processors. Designed to be the heart of a modern UHD home theater, the ACT 4 combines ultimate audio performance, control flexibility, and the absolute latest immersive sound technologies. With 20 channels of immersive audio the ACT 4 meshes the celebrated engineering of Acurus with the power of advanced cinema technology--all in perfect harmony.


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