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Utmost Creativity In Your Hands

Lighting products raise the benchmark for the ultimate smart lighting experience. They provide you with the potential to create an exquisite atmosphere in your indoor or outdoor spaces to deliver dynamic dimensions to your events.

PixLite T8-S Mk3

The PixLite® T8-S Mk3 transmits up to 96 universes of data to 8 PixLite® R2/R4 receivers at distances of up to 300m – perfect for any professional installation where the LEDs will be separated by some distance.


PixLite R2F-S

The PixLite R2F-S is a pixel LED receiver that's built to last and has all the protection one needs for peace of mind with professional installations. Paired with a PixLite T8 controller, the PixLite R2F-S receives differential (long-distance) data and converts it into a pixel ready signal.

When it comes to creating brilliant light shows in challenging settings, you’ll find you just can’t go past the slimline form factor and ease of use that you get with the PixLite R2F-S Receiver. This pixel receiver device is just the thing for those looking to create professional grade displays that span over longer distances.


Blaze-30 Pixel Strip

30 LEDs/m RGB 5m pixel strip with every LED containing in-built 12V to 5V voltage regulator, allowing the strip to be cuttable at any length.


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