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The SN120 outdoor loudspeaker is designed to be installed in gardens and terraces, for a superior outdoor listening experience. Thanks to its minimal design and maximum power offered in the smallest size it enriches the finest outdoor spaces. The 360 ° natural and light sound offers a superior listening experience.

Designed for your outdoor spaces

The LOTO outdoor speakers are designed for outdoor installation and feature an essential and geometric design, optimised fixing solutions for swimming pools, parks, terraces, verandas, also in Corian and in a wide choice of finishes.


The product’s housing is made from exposed concrete, which has been formulated using a special mixture, giving the artefact a continuously unique and inimitable textured look. The material’s formula is the result of an accurate selection of high-performing binding agents and natural connecting elements which are extracted from massive rock mines and then finely fractured and sifted through.The shaping process for the concrete material used for the manufacturing of the product uses only electricity from renewable sources.

Weight 28Kg.


We approach every aspect of the designing and building with the aim of delivering a superior sound performance outdoor. The sound is natural, light and spreads in all directions minimising the number of speakers required, thanks to the acoustic lens and the maximum ratio between power and size. Garvan-designed outdoor speakers are 100% Made in Italy and feature state-of-the-art electronic components.


Brighten up your sound with the optional white or RGB LED light.In addition to the lighting of your environment, the LED light featured in the SN120 garden loudspeaker fills the rooms with unique light effects, decorating and marking the walkway in an elegant and refined way.

White LED colour temperature: 3000KPower: 12 WSupply: 24 V”


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