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SHARC-V2 8K eARC Audio Processor


  • Two HDMI 2.1 48Gbps FRL6 inputs

  • Video support for all formats up to 48Gbps FRL6 from any HDMI source

  • Audio support for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X

The SHARC-V2 is a THENAUDIO eARC two-zone audio processor that adds a low noise, quality DAC for high dynamic range via a 3.5 mm analog output natively converts up to 384 kHz sampling rates. The SHARC-V2 also functions as an advanced HDMI 2.1, 8K, 48 Gbps (FRL 6) CEC-controlled A/V switcher through its onboard version of a limited THENAUDIO GUIDE switch. (Note: Audio is extracted and remains in its digital multi-channel codec form; it is NOT downmixed or converted into analog stereo for distributed multi-zone use. For analog output, the source must originate as two-channel PCM). Video content passes through unaltered and is not decoded.

Two HDMI 2.1 HDMI 8K, 48 Gbps inputs accommodate post-18 Gbps media consoles with bandwidth headroom for the latest 4K/120 fps HDR games up to 8K/ 60 fps, 4:4:4 color space. Unique CEC port switching enables respective device remote controls to activate input switching on a TV or projector to finally deliver on the promise of CEC control that has seldom functioned with sustained repeatability.     

In the Box

  • SHARC-V2 processor

  • 5V power supply with US or EU plug


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