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Four Channel, High Current Power Amp; 4 x 100W


The SC4-100 delivers up to 100 watts of power to each of four independent channels. It is bridgeable in pairs- doubling the output and enabling 2, 3 or 4-channel configuration. 

Additionally, each channel has two selectable analog high-pass filters. These filters are critical to optimize the performance of connected satellite speakers or subwoofers, without the hassle of DSP or ip. Independent level control allows you to trim the signal for lower output to small speakers or turn all the way up for max power. The amplifier is stable at a low impedance, so it can drive multiple satellite speakers or a subwoofer from each channel.

Preamp outputs on every channel allow for patching to an adjacent channel or sending the signal to another device. Audio sensing, and in and out triggers add power management convenience. Each channel has a signal and clipping indicator located on the stylish brushed aluminum front panel for easy troubleshooting and signal verification. Rack ears and tabletop feet are included for mounting options. The SC4-100 4-chanel amplifier offers exceptional performance features, convenience, and flexibility in an elegant single rack mount chassis.


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