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PRO3 Passive HDMI Cable


Kordz PRO3 Passive 18Gbps HDMI Cables are expertly designed for professional AV integrators, providing a hassle-free and electronics-free installation experience with compact, gold-plated 1kg retention HDMI connectors and a highly flexible fire-rated cable. Supporting 18Gbps 4K60 HDR up to 9m, they’re backed by the Kordz promise of ‘Connectivity Assured’.

  • Certified High Speed with Ethernet HDMI Cable.

  • All lengths support resolutions requiring 18Gbps transfer rates, including 4K60 HDR or 8K/30 4:2:0.

  • Lightweight ABS connector assembly with gold-plated HDMI connector rated for 1kg retention force.

  • Every cable individually production tested.

  • Highly flexible, UL CMG fire-rated jacket perfect for almost every installation.

  • Lifetime warranty.


HDMI CERTIFICATION – 0.5m – 9.0m Lengths

HDMI CTS (Certified Test Specification): High Speed with Ethernet
Certified Data Rate: 6.0Gbpsc, 17.82Gbps agg
Supported Data Rate: ≥ 6.0Gbpsc, 17.82Gbps agg (4K UHD)
HDMI Clock: 27-340MHz


Cable Diameter: 30AWG 5.7mm/0.22ӯ| 28AWG 6.5mm/0.26ӯ| 24AWG 9.0mm/0.35ӯ
Mounting Length: cable gauge dependent (see below)
Cable Bend Radius: cable gauge dependent (see below)
Retention Force (nominal): 9.9N (1kg / 2.2lbs) +10/-5%


Primary Conductors: Solid 30-24AWG OFC, length dependent
Insulation on TMDS: HDPE, Foamed-PE, length dependent
Insulation on 4C + HEAC Pairs: HDPE
Shielding on TMDS Pairs: Al / Mylar, 125% coverage
Shielding Overall: AL/Mylar, 100% coverage + Al-Mg alloy braid, min 85% coverage
Cable Jacket: UL CMG fire-rated PVC composite materials
HDMI Connector Shell: Premium gauge folded steel, 1μ” 24K Gold plated
HDMI Connector Pins: Solid OFC, 15μ” 24K Gold plated
Termination: High Frequency Soldering
Connector Assembly: ABS connector shell with PVC injection moulded boot and strain relief

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