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8x8 | HDBaseT | 40m (70m) 4K60 HDR | 70m (100m) 1080p | 4K/1080p scaling, ARC, mirror HDMIs, Ethernet (OPs 5-8), audio inputs, 28x16 audio matrix


8x HDMI 2.0b Inputs

  • Supporst up to a maximum of 16 Displays:

  • 4x HDBaseT Outputs supporting 4K60 40m (131ft)

  • 4x HDBaseT Outputs supporting 4K60 70m (231ft)

  • 8x HDMI Mirror Outputs

  • 4x Audio Only Source Inputs

  • Ability to capture & route ARC audio from displays

  • 28x16 Independent Audio Matrix

  • Integrated Network Extension over HDBaseT (Outputs 5-8)

  • Onboard Netvio Go AV control solution

  • Independent analog & digital audio outputs for each zone


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