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Elevate your home cinema experience with the KA-1100, Krix’s first subwoofer amplifier that is perfectly matched to MX-5, MX-10, Cyclonix 11 and Cyclonix 12 subwoofers.

The KA-1100 subwoofer amplifier was designed in-house from the ground up. This dual-mono subwoofer amplifier offers pre-configured DSP modes that are optimised to drive and maximise the performance of Krix passive subwoofers, ensuring movie soundtracks play with high output and incredibly low distortion.

DSP modes are set for Krix MX-5, MX-10, Cyclonix 11 and Cyclonix 12 subwoofers. Each mode is specifically tailored to accurately amplify the input signal to full power without compression or loss of dynamics. A third pre-set mode is for general subwoofer use. If an input signal is applied beyond the subwoofer maximum capacity, soft limiting will minimise distortion and protect the loudspeaker driver.

The KA-1100 is based on Class D amplification from ICEpower™ and includes a Krix custom-designed 24-bit signal processor board. Engineered with home cinema enthusiasts in mind, the amplifier features a fan-less design for ultra-quiet operation, 12V trigger for easy power-on and both balanced and unbalanced connection options.

The sleek and modern design allows the unit to blend in with any furniture and cabinetry, or stylishly sit amongst other electronic equipment within a rack (rack ears are included). The brushed aluminium fascia can be easily removed for access to all controls.

For the ultimate sound experience at home, play it through Krix.


Supported products

MX-5, MX-10, Cyclonix 11, Cyclonix 12

General subwoofer use

Input power

Mains input power, 100 – 240V AC~ 50/60Hz

Output power rated maximum

700W RMS per channel one channel driven @ 4 Ohms, 1% THD

550W RMS per channel both channels driven @ 4 Ohms, 1% THD

Mode filters

Mode 1, 2 – Low pass filter 50 – 200Hz

Mode 3 – Low pass filter bypass

All modes – High pass filter optimised for supported Krix subwoofers


THD+N – 0.001% – 200W 4 Ohms @ 100Hz

Mode 1 output power limit

300W RMS per channel @ 4 Ohms

Mode 2 output power limit

500W RMS per channel @ 4 Ohms

Mode 3 output power limit

700W RMS per channel @ 4 Ohms


480mm x 360mm x 97mm (includes terminals, rack ears and feet)



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