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1Gb 4K HDR, 2K30 Multi-Stream Encoder


1Gb 4K HDR, 2K30 PoE Encoder

  • 4K HDR video encoding not surpassing 850Mbs

  • 2K30 Low Bandwidth Real-time-stream-protocol (RTSP) including stereo audio

  • Connected device control via IR, RS-232-CEC

  • Content Plus+ distribution modes, including:

  • Embed live content to digital signage platforms.

  • High-quality 2K30 audio-video decoding through wired and wireless applications (VLC)

  • Personal device streaming with audio and source control using the Netvio Go-AV Control App

  • Capture live content seamlessly for internet broadcasting using live production software.

  • Embedding live content into control interfaces, including Netvio Go-AV Control

  • Analog & Digital Audio encoding

  • Alternative audio content overlay

  • USB Type A connectivity for peripheral device connection.


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