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Featuring an angled baffle behind the slim magnetic grille, the IC-52 directs sound towards your seating position for improved clarity in high definition music and movies.

The IC-52 (Atmospherix A20) incorporates a 20 degree angled baffle to project the sound to your primary listening area. This means less sound is reflected off walls and other surfaces. Your experience is clearer, there is a more three-dimensional soundstage, better definition for music listening, more articulate dialogue, and more realistic and involving sound effects in movies.

The bass driver and tweeter are separately mounted on the front baffle, like Krix’s bookshelf speakers, for true hi-fi performance. Bass and midrange clarity are delivered through a massive 130mm bass driver with a large magnet and copper shorting ring, while the 26mm ring radiator delivers high frequencies. A fully-enclosed back box optimises performance from the bass driver in any installation setting and protects from ceiling debris and sound leakage. Being tonally balanced to the Krix floorstanding and bookshelf speakers, the IC-52 are ideal front or rear speakers for home theatres, but also provide a dynamic stereo music sound.

The slim paintable bezel grille, in rust-resistant stainless steel, is held in place by easy installation magnets, hiding the true magic of the IC-52 from view.

For the ultimate sound experience at home, play it through Krix.


Frequency range

45Hz-40kHz in room response

Power handling

20 – 120 Watts RMS recommended amplifier power


90dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre


Nominally 6 Ohms (minimum 3.6 Ohms)



Enclosure type

Bass reflex, front vented

Low frequency driver

Cast aluminium basket with a nominal 130mm (5″) doped curvilinear paper cone. 30mm (1.2″) vented magnet voice coil wound on high temperature kapton former, with copper shorting ring

High frequency driver

26mm (1”) ring radiator tweeter

Input terminals

Gold plated spring terminals

Cut-out diameter

247mm recommended


295mm diameter x 193mm mounting depth


2.5kg each

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