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Distribute music seamlessly throughout your home. Taking up the space of a downlight, this in-ceiling speaker can go just about anywhere.

These downlight-sized speakers hide in the ceiling to distribute music seamlessly and invisibly, encapsulating you no matter what you’re doing.

Semi-enclosed, the Holographix are protected from dust and ceiling debris and are also water resistant – so you can steam up the bathroom while listening to your favourite album.

With a smooth, accurate frequency response and good low frequency extension, the Holographix deliver the kind of high quality performance you wouldn’t usually expect from a speaker this size, thanks to the full range 75mm polypropolene cone and corresponding large voice coil and magnet. At only 108mm mounting depth, the Holographix will fit in most roof cavities, with a simple twist-and-lock mounting system making installation a breeze.

Multiple pairs can be wired together for even sound distribution over large areas and can be easily painted to blend in to your colour scheme. When lined up with downlights or set in each corner, they virtually disappear, for a surrounding background sound you can hear but can’t see.

For the ultimate sound experience at home, play it through Krix.


Frequency range

90Hz-20kHz in room response

Power handling

10 – 80 Watts RMS recommended amplifier power


87dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre


Nominally 8 Ohms (minimum 7.5 Ohms)


Full range

Enclosure type

Acoustically treated infinite baffle

Full frequency driver

Nominal 75mm (3”) polypropylene cone, with a 20mm (¾”) voice coil wound on an aluminium former and neodymium magnet

Input terminals

Spring terminals

Cut-out diameter

82mm to 88mm recommended


95mm diameter x 108mm mounting depth


0.5 kg each

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