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Ideal for spaces where only one in-ceiling speaker is desired, the Hemispherix SPS (single point stereo) accepts both left and right channels of audio for playback of high fidelity music from just one speaker. Belonging to the ‘architectural series’ of Krix concealed speakers, it features a magnetic, slim bezel stainless steel grille.

Part of the Krix Architectural Series (AS), the Hemispherix SPS is a single point stereo speaker with dual tweeters and a dual voice coil woofer, providing unsurpassed performance in a very compact package. Two inputs allow both left and right channels to be connected for stereo sound from a single speaker, making it ideal for use in applications where installing two speakers is not desired or practical. The product is therefore perfect for use in hallways, bathrooms, eaves, under balconies and other tight spaces.

The Hemispherix SPS features a 125mm (5”) mid-bass driver with a durable polypropylene cone and an oversized, low distortion magnet system. Two high-grade 20mm (½”) ring radiator tweeters are mounted at opposing 20° angles, providing room-filling stereo sound.

Manufactured from weather resistant materials and featuring a rust resistant stainless steel grille, the Hemispherix SPS is suitable for installation outside under alfresco areas and in eaves, or inside the house in bathrooms, ensuites, or any other room. The semi-enclosed design means that the moving parts of the speaker are protected from dust and other ceiling contaminants while providing excellent bass performance for such a low profile speaker.

The paintable bezel grille, which is slim and attractively-styled, locks onto magnets at the front of the speaker for easy installation, delivering high fidelity sound with magical simplicity.

For the ultimate sound experience at home, play it through Krix.


Frequency range

70Hz – 40kHz (in room response)

Power handling

5 – 50 Watts RMS recommended amplifier power per input


85 dB  (2.83V / 1m)


2 x nominal 8 Ohms (minimum 6.3 Ohms)


Dual 2-way

Enclosure type

Semi-open back

Low frequency driver

1 x  125mm (5”) polypropylene cone, 35mm dual voice coil

High frequency driver

2 x 20mm (¾”) ring radiator

Input terminals

4 x push type connectors

Cut-out diameter

207mm diameter recommended (template provided)


254mm diameter x 90mm mounting depth

Net weight

2kg each

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