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Multi Zone Audio Matrix Amplifier


The EL-IPD-MTX-8CH Multi Zone Audio Matrix can be used in a stand-alone configuration or with other amplifiers and pre-amps within the ELAN IP audio distribution family of products by adding the optional Dante™ Audio Networking Card. The EL-IPD-8CH-MTX can be used in stand alone mode to support up to 13 input sources (4 digital, 8 mono / 4 stereo analog RCA and 1 stereo 3.5mm typically used as the doorbell input from an ELAN System Controller). Each RCA analog input can be configured with another as a L/R pair or individually as mono. 8 speaker channels are available (up to 4 stereo zones or 8 mono zones). 4 line level outputs can be configured as up to 4 mono or 2 stereo output zones or as sub-woofer out. Each can be configured as left, right, mono, or sub out. Adding the optional Dante™ Audio Networking card connects sources to and from other Dante™ enabled ELAN IP amplifiers using existing networks. ELAN IP enabled audio distribution simplifies whole home audio distribution and enhances the intelligent home by delivering high quality audio over the existing network. Easily scaling from a single chassis solution to a decentralized multi-chassis / multi-source implementation, ELAN IP audio distribution meets the needs for projects of up to 64 individual zones.


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