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Hear every on-screen rumble or explosion with the Cyclonix 18, as it recreates the lowest possible audible frequencies for the ultimate cinema experience at home.

For those who prefer a subwoofer with no built-in amplifier, the Cyclonix 18 provides a passive subwoofer experience, using a high excursion bass driver mounted in a high quality MDF enclosure. The proprietary Krix ‘X’ brace system is used to eliminate panel resonances.

The giant 455mm bass driver features a 100mm voice coil, powerful vented magnetic circuit and double spider assembly. The optimum cooling system provides fast heat exchange and reduced thermal power compression.

The dual front-vented enclosure is tuned to achieve maximum output, resulting in an incredibly efficient subwoofer for high drive level applications, while the unit’s proprietary Krix rubber feet provide improved acoustic isolation on hard and soft floor surfaces.

A separate power amplifier is required for this subwoofer and can be connected to the LFE output of any AV processor or receiver.

For the ultimate cinema experience at home, play it through Krix.


Frequency range

25Hz-200Hz in room response

Amplifier power

200 – 1400* Watts RMS recommended amplifier power

* The use of a power amplifier with high pass filter and soft limiter function is strongly recommended on this subwoofer

Recommended processing

High pass filter: 20Hz 24dB / octave Butterworth

Limiter: 1000W (8 Ohms)


High current spring terminals featuring a 5mm hole to accept up to 10AWG cable

Enclosure type

Bass reflex, front vented


8 Ohms

Low frequency driver

Single 455mm (18”) paper cone driver. 100mm (4”) edge-wound copper voice coil, dual spider assembly and vented magnet assembly


100 dB SPL (2.83V / 1m)


1215mm high x 750mm wide x 310mm deep (330mm deep with optional grille)


64kg each

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