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This low-profile, passive subwoofer has been designed to deliver outstanding low frequency performance as a supporting subwoofer for an MX-10, or as a standalone subwoofer in a Series SX system.

The Cyclonix range of subwoofers are designed for edge-of-your-seat bass performance in dedicated home cinema rooms.

Their shallow depth allows them to be placed inconspicuously against a side or back wall as supporting subwoofers to a Series MX system. They can also be used as the main subwoofers in a dedicated home cinema system – either behind an acoustically transparent screen or elsewhere in the room.

The Cyclonix 12 has taken its design cues from the subwoofer modules in the MX-10 system, foregoing the acoustic absorbent material on the front baffle and instead offering an optional black cloth grille.

The 305mm bass driver features a 50mm voice coil with ventilated magnet system. The dual down-firing vents are tuned to achieve maximum output, while the proprietary Krix rubber feet provide improved acoustic isolation on hard and soft floor surfaces.

A separate power amplifier is required for this subwoofer and can be connected to the LFE output of any AV processor or receiver.

For the ultimate cinema experience at home, play it through Krix.


Frequency range

25Hz-200Hz in room response

Amplifier power

200 – 500 Watts RMS recommended amplifier power

Recommended processing

High pass filter: 30Hz 24dB / Octave Butterworth

limiter: 500W (4 Ohms)


High current spring terminals featuring a 5mm hole to accept up to 10AWG cable

Enclosure type

Bass reflex, dual down-firing vents


4 Ohms

Low frequency driver

Nominal 305mm (12”) diameter paper cone driver with 50mm (2”) long throw voice coil developed for high level, low frequency reinforcement


92 dB SPL (2.83V / 1m)


940mm high x 540mm wide x 190mm deep (210 mm deep with optional grille)


26 kg each

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