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CA1800DSP is one of the best sounding high-power amplifiers on the market. It is a powerful 3-channel power amplifier with integrated DSP, designed for large Home Theatre applications. It delivers up to 3x1000W in 4 ohm or 3x600 watt in 8 ohm, all channels driven and allows for 3rd party control.

CA1800DSP provides a full set of DSP features with pre-sets for all Cornered speakers. Set up is easily done through USB or ethernet connection. It includes a highly efficient switch mode power supply and three Class D output stages with ultra-low distortion, high efficiency and a full set of circuit protections. An efficient heat dissipation system and over-heat protection ensures uncompromising reliability.

The advanced power supply includes power factor correction and delivers consistent, regulated power worldwide.

CA1800DSP is capable of sophisticated loudspeaker processing with its high performance 24bit AD/DA converters. There are 12 EQ’s on each input channels and 5 EQ’s on each output channels. Each band can be switched to Bell, Lo/Hi-Shelving with variable Q. High Pass and low pass filters are also available on each channel, from 6dB/Octave up to 24dB/octave Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley.

The integrated matrix enables signals from any input to be routed to any output. Triggers are available and the RCA inputs can be linked. Volume control and up to 56 pre-loaded settings can be accessed directly from the front panel.

With very high output, excellent sound quality and settings for all Cornered speakers, the CA1800DSP is an excellent fit to large Cornered installations.


  • 4 input and 3 output channels with full matrix

  • Top grade 24 bit DSP

  • 17 EQ points with variable Q per channel

  • Adjustable High pass/Low pass filters

  • Limiter with variable attack/release/threshold

  • RMS compressor and delay in time or distance

  • White/pink noise generator

  • Remote Trigger with link

  • Analogue and digital input/output

  • Optional sleep mode with auto on/off

  • Power factor correction

Network Connection & Control

  • USB or Ethernet LAN RJ45 for system setup, 

  • monitoring and control via remote PC software

  • Simultaneous control of up to 32 units via PC software 

  • Pre-sets for all Cornered loudspeakers


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