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C Series


15" long throw Fe woofer

  • 18mm plywood cabinet

  • Bass reflex design

  • Get it in black or white

15i is a subwoofer designed for fixed installation in medium SPL applications. The plywood cabinet features a very rugged and non-reflective paint, recessed dual Speakon NL4 connections and a solid 2mm steel grille and optional rubber feet. The 15” woofer feature an advanced motor. The cone is carried by an unusually deep profile, double half-roll suspension formed of a linen-like material which is highly resistant to aging and fatigue. The 75 mm Ø aluminum voice coil employs the interleaved sandwich voice coil with windings on both the outer and inner surfaces to achieve a mass- balanced coil. The results in a linear motor with excellent control.

The magnetic structure has been optimized using FEA CAD resource that maximized the flux density in the voice coil gap. Excellent heat dissipation has also been achieved by incorporating air channels between the basket and the magnetic top plate.

C15i deliveres clean and tight sub bass performance with great value in commercial applications


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