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For large acoustically transparent screens you want to make sure that the sound matches the picture. Widen your soundstage and improve imaging with the AS325 module, compatible with the MX-20, MX-30 and MX-40 systems.

Recreate the Krix Infinite Baffle Wall used in commercial cinemas all over the world with the AS325 Absorption Spacer Modules, for the ultimate cinema experience at home.

Positioned between the main speakers and subwoofers of the MX-20, MX-30 or MX-40 speaker systems, the Absorption Spacer Modules are covered and filled with acoustic absorbing material, absorbing unwanted reflections and acting as a bass trap to enhance the overall acoustic performance of your speaker system.

At 325mm wide and the same height and depth as the MX modules, the AS325 ensures your soundstage fills the entire acoustically transparent screen when using a large or cinemascope screen.

Purchased in pairs to ensure the complete speaker system is symmetrical, a pair will add 650mm to the overall width of the system. Strategically positioned openings in the front baffle underneath the acoustic treatment also improve the module’s effectiveness.

For the ultimate cinema experience at home, play it through Krix.



1220mm high x 325mm wide x 295mm deep

MX-30 / MX-40

1220mm high x 325mm wide x 335mm deep

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