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8K HDMI Downscaler, EDID Manager & Audio De-Embedder


  • 8K -> 4K, 8K -> 1080p, 4K -> 1080p Scaling

  • EDID Management with EDID Blend

  • Audio de-embedding with 3.5mm Mini TOS or HDMI

  • 8K Support up to 40Gpbs

AC-SC1-X is engineered to process 40 Gbps high-speed HDMI signaling, allowing integrators to reduce 8K signals to 4K or even to 1080p where required. Scaling is but only one of the arrows in the AC-SC1-X quiver. Dual HDMI outputs, audio de-embedding, EDID management, and support for a suite of features introduced into the HDMI 2.1 specification provide the unique architecture for a product answering the demands from today’s AV signals.

In the Box

  • AC-SC-1X

  • USB-C Cord (for power)

  • 5V 1A Wall PSU

  • 3 Pin Terminal Connector (For RS232)

  • 3.5mm Mini Toslink adapter

  • Mounting Brackets with hardware


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