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MXnet 1G Wall Plate Encoder


  • Bandwidth management via MXNet MENTOR

  • Uses any standard category cable (CAT 5e or better)

  • ​Wall Plate Format that fits in standard Dual Gang mud rings

  • USB/KVM Host support

  • Full Exterior Light Control (for discreet Installs)

Clean, sleek, and stable. You get that when you install this AV over IP encoder device that fits into any standard dual-gang mud ring. Connect this MXnet wall plate to any HDMI source. It will encode the audio/video signal into a multicast data format that can be routed to any Decoder endpoint within the project/installation. This device connects directly via category cable (CAT 5e or better) to any MXnet switch. The AC-MXNET-1G-EWP is a part of the MXnet family of AV-over-IP products from AVPro Edge. 

The AC-MXNET-1G-EWP will encode a 4K 4:2:0 30Hz HDMI video signal – along with audio, control, and power. These signals are passed to single or multiple Decoder endpoints via multicast routing through an MXnet or multicast compatible L3 managed network switch. MXnet Encoders encode audio/video/control signals into IP packets using an optimized JPEG2000 codec at a flexible data rate (200Mbps for 1080p content, 300Mbps for 4K30 content, 850Mbps at peak). It does all this with next to zero latency. 

The AC-MXNET-1G-EWP Encoder is only one part of the MXnet Ecosystem that includes Encoders, Network Switches, Control Processors, and other components designed to facilitate building a custom A/V distribution system. MXnet’s Ecosystem includes formatting such as resolution scaling, full EDID management, and multifaceted video walls. It includes the MXnet Mentor setup and control tool - making installations easy on the integrator while presenting a major WOW factor for your client.

In the Box


  • AC-MXNET-1G-EWP (Encoder/Transmitter Device)​

  • 1 x decora wall plate cover (white)

  • 2 x long electrical outlet screws


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