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MXnet 10G 12 Port Copper PoE Network Switch


  • Industry-first design to traffic both data and PoE through 12 common ports

  • Copper (PoE) Stackable with 6 10G/25G SFP28 Uplink Ports

  • 12-each, industry-first 10G-mGig RJ45 Ports (POE/POE+/POE++)

The AC-MXNET-10G-SW12C is an AVPro Edge designed managed switch for high-density 10G communication and seamless integration with the MXnet 10G ecosystem, representing the next step forward on the evolutionary path of the MXnet platform. Encompassing an industry-first, holistically integrated approach to AV over IP video distribution from a solo manufacturer, AVPro Edge’s exclusive MXnet 10G platform offers the only proprietary, hyper-optimized SDVoE ecosystem of network-based managed switches, encoders, and decoders guided from a centralized control unit via MXnet Mentor, our in-house engineered setup and system utilities management software solution.

AVPro Edge is the first manufacturer of encoders and decoders to also manufacture Plug-and-Play, preconfigured network switches for all AV-over-IP applications.

Switch management, including VLAN, real-time bandwidth appropriation plus POE power is configurable through Mentor, along with comprehensive system diagnostics to quickly identify and illustrate port connections. Mentor also provides detailed multicast information.

The AC-MXNET-10G-SW12C is an industry-first design to traffic both data and POE through 12 common ports - a single CAT 6a is all that is required to provide power plus data. Onboard are six, 10G/25G SFP28 uplink ports, which are backward compatible with SFP+ ports to function with SFP+ optical modules or SFP+ DAC cables (please note: the 25Gbps data rate is not supported). These ports can be used to connect up to six, MXNET-10G-TCVR SDVoE transceivers.


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