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Fresco 4 Video Wall Processor


  • HDMI 2.0

  • 18Gbps Bandwidth Support

  • 4K > 720, 720 > 4K Scaling

  • 180° Video Rotation

  • Free PC Control and Setup software

Easy to use and ready to go, the Fresco 4 from AVPro Edge gives you the stable video wall solution every integrator has been looking for. Directly out of the box you are able to connect a source and 4 displays for a plug-in-play video wall. AVPro Edge’s head of Application Engineering John Tumbleson said it best:

"The biggest challenge to setting up a Fresco Video Wall is hanging the physical panels!"

Video walls give sports bars, retail stores, entertainment venues, and hotels an opportunity to "WOW’ their customers with big, bold and bright messaging. With the Fresco 4 you are able to process 4K video throughout your video wall, delivering a dynamic effect no one will soon forget. We included robust scaling features inside this processor that allows you to not only input 18Gbps 4K60 signals, but output them as well to each display.

Fully expandable, you are able to cascade multiple units to create video walls far beyond 2x2, if you had 10 AC-FRESCO-CAP-4’s you could create a video wall with 40 displays!

Capture regions are very important in a video wall set up, when installing the Fresco 4 setting up your capture regions has never been easier. By installing this free software, and connecting the Fresco 4 to your PC, you are able to enter all the measurements of your bezels and the software will layout your video wall perfectly, compensating for every bezel of every screen.

In the Box

  • AC-FRESCO-CAP-4 (Video Wall Processor)

  • 12V/2A Locking Power Supply

  • 1 x Micro USB Cable

  • 2 x Mounting Brackets

  • 4 x Screws for Mounting Brackets

  • 2 x 3-Pin Terminal Block

  • 1 x 5-Pin Terminal Block

  • 4 x Rubber Feet


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