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70M 18Gbps HDBaseT Extender Kit


  • 70M 4K/60fps 4:4:4 through CAT6A with AVPRo Edge ICT

  • 100M 1920 X 1080P 24/60fps 4:4:4

  • HDR10 and all Dynamic Metadata video formats supported

  • Full EDID management

  • Compact placement depth (.47 inches / 12mm)

The AC-EX70-444-KIT was one of the first HDMI-over-HDBaseT extension kits on the market to transmit 4K/60fps 4:4:4 video signals. HDR10, plus dynamic metadata formats such as Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and Hybrid Log Gamma, are transported over Cat6A copper cabling at 18Gbps, as image fidelity remains damage-free from source to display. Employing AVPro Edge’s proprietary Invisible Compression Technology algorithm, ICT, 4K/60fps signals containing high dynamic range video enhancements, with high-bitrate audio codecs, remain unaltered and artifact-free from the transport process.

It is not unusual for other products in the marketplace to use algorithms designed for use by applications accustomed to significantly lower data amounts. As a consequence, combined with category cable use, image information must be forfeited to achieve sending the signal to the display. What is typically discarded is color information supporting smooth transitions between colors with very close hues. This results in harsh delineation points, called “banding”, which are readily detectable by even casual viewers. Additional artifacts, not present in the source, are introduced, such as color shifts and motion alterations, which disturb the artistic intent of the content.

The AC-EX70-444-KIT is augmented by resourceful features such as EDID management, resolution downscaling, bidirectional IR and RS-232 signal control, onboard test pattern generation, dual 10/100 ethernet ports for LAN extension, and Left/Right audio extraction from PCM 2-channel input signals.

In the Box

  • AC-EX70-444-T (Transmitter)

  • AC-EX70-444-R (Receiver)

  • 48V Power Supply (One supplied)

  • 1 x IR Tx Unit

  • 1 x IR Rx Unit

  • 4 x 3 Pin Terminal blocks for Audio and RS232 Ports

  • 4 x Mounting Brackets

  • 8 x Screws for Mounting Brackets


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