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2CH Dante Amplifier


  • 25 watts per channel

  • Decodes Dante & AES67 Audio

  • Compact Form Factor

  • API may be controlled by LAN or RS-232

The AC-DANTE-AMP-2CH is a combination 25W/RMS (@4 Ω, 12.5 W/RMS @ 8 Ω ) 2-channel local audio power amplifier and Dante Audio/AES67 decoder, supporting sampling rates of 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, and 96kHz with 16-, 24-, and 32-bit word lengths encoded as either the Dante audio or AES67 format. Encrypted Dante audio information is input via the designated Dante Audio network RJ45 network port, undergoes decoding from Dante digital into analog, and outputs a speaker-level signal from a pair of secured, 2-pin terminal block connectors, plus line-level audio by way of a 5-pin terminal block connector.

Utilizing Audinate’s newest Ultimo chip, the AC-DANTE-AMP-2CH is designed to accommodate two Dante plug-and-play audio flows with very low latency and microsecond synchronization. Line-out cascades the signal to additional analog amplifiers from a single Dante endpoint. Flexible placement options are made possible by the compact, thin profile footprint. 

A mini-OLED screen provides status information for the model, firmware version, LAN IP address, DANTE IP address, and the volume setting the unit is currently set at. The display may be configured to remain off when discrete operation is desired. TCP/IP and RS-232 controls allow for remote API changes, including muting, volume lock, and balance adjustments.

Whether for an impromptu temporary setup or to address a last-minute project add-on, the versatile AC-DANTE-AMP-2CH is a valuable resource for integrators working with DANTE audio.   

In the Box

  • (1x) AC-DANTE-AMP-2CH

  • (1x) 24V-5.0A Power Supply

  • (1x) 3-Pin Terminal Block Connector for RS-232 Port

  • (1x) 5-Pin Terminal Block Connector for Line Level Output

  • (2x) Secured, 2-Pin Speaker Terminal Block Connection

  • (2x) Mounting Brackets

  • (4x) Mounting Screws


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