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48Gbps 1x8 HDMI Distribution Amplifier


  • 48 Gbps Bandwidth (Fixed Rate Link 6)

  • Custom EDID Blend (combine EDIDs from different devices)

  • Extended 4-Block EDID Support for Demanding NextGen Displays

  • Supports Gaming-Focused HDMI 2.1b Features

  • Extracted Audio for up to 7.1 Digital or 2-Ch Analog

The AVPro Edge AC-DA-18X2 is a one-input to eight-output, 48 Gbps HDMI 2.1b distribution amplifier that flawlessly divides incoming HDMI signals up to 8K/60 fps into eight separate output streams.

Though designed as a next-gen 48 Gbps device, this does not preclude using the AC-DA-18X2 for large legacy system applications where installation stumbling blocks may be immediately remedied. Generationally dated but functioning displays intersecting in systems with overlapping HDMI and HDCP versions can handcuff a system into resolution downscaling all displays for compatibility. The AC-DA-18X2 enables mixed-display systems to coexist at their native rates, with plenty of available dynamic headroom.An AC-DA-18X2 output may be scaled to provide a 3D immersive audio format signal to a decoding audio playback device still viable for that purpose, though dated for video signal passthrough, allowing the AVR or Pre-processor to remain operational for as long as required.

In the Box

  • AC-DA-18X2 Unit

  • 12V Power Supply

  • x1 5 Pin Terminal black for extracted audio port

  • Mounting Brackets


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