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48Gbps 1x2 HDMI Distribution Amplifier


  • 48 Gbps Bandwidth (Fixed Rate Link 6)

  • Custom EDID Blend (combine EDIDs from different devices)

  • Extended 4-Block EDID Support for Demanding NextGen Displays

  • Supports Gaming-Focused HDMI 2.1b Features

  • Extracted Audio for up to 7.1 Digital or 2-Ch Analog

AC-DA-12X2 is an AVPro Edge one-input to two-output, 48 Gbps HDMI 2.1b distribution amplifier that flawlessly divides incoming HDMI signals up to 8K/60 fps into two separate output streams. Current 8K media consoles or 4K sources pass through HDMI 1 to a capable display, while downscaling may be enabled to allow HDMI Output #2 to lower output resolution for compatibility with legacy display devices, particularly projectors. 

Another everyday AC-DA-12X2 use is sending HDMI Out #2 signal into legacy AVRs whose dated HDMI circuitry limits video connectivity while audio-wise, 3D immersive format decoding remains viable, enabling the audio playback device to continue operational for as long as required.

Additional features such as extensive EDID management, extracted audio, and USB setup capability make the AC-DA-12X2 perfect for use by residential and commercial integrators whenever mixed-use systems pose installation challenges.

In the Box

  • AC-DA-12X2 Unit

  • 12V Power Supply

  • x1 5 Pin Terminal black for extracted audio port

  • Mounting Brackets


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