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Power the performance

Recording artists and performers worldwide rely on Furman.

We got our start designing and manufacturing products for professional musician. Today, Furman has become the most trusted name in AC power management as our products circle the globe on tour with some of the top names in touring musicians. We are honored that they have made Furman a vital part of their sound.

Your sound is your signature.

Quality isn’t a spectrum, it’s the pinnacle. And you deserve that.

This is why sound engineers worldwide trust Furman equipment to bring out the maximum potential of all connected components. Furman products eliminate noise and interference to let audio and video gear perform at its optimal level, enabling studios and its artists to fully realize their creative visions.

Install only the best.

When you need power conditioning and protection equipment, look to the best available. Install Furman products. We’re backed by a 40-year legacy of unprecedented performance, quality and reliability.

Professional, high performance installations such as arenas, conferences and houses of worship require professional, high performance products. That means Furman products. They deliver intelligent power management solutions to pro integrators worldwide and are known to enhance every application.

The SmartSequencers™ combine classic Furman power protection and filtration with sequential system power on/off to enable large or complex A/V systems to be safely powered on and off in proper sequence with the simple press of a button or key turn.

Bring all the magic of the road home.

Legendary artists and professional recording studios rely on Furman products. And now you can too. Your clients expect top performance from the audio and video systems you install, and we help you deliver.

Today’s A/V technologies are more sophisticated than ever, but the AC grid that powers our equipment is increasingly overtaxed and often out of date. AC problems can cause home entertainment performance issues, reduced reliability and even damage sensitive, costly components. Furman product solutions are engineered to address today’s real-world needs and bring all the power to the people – wherever they are.

Bring the power of a live concert to your home.

Have great passion for music, video and the finest components on the block? Don’t let your music listening room or home theater that’s full of premium-grade audio and video equipment reside on an aging and unreliable power grid or platform. Bring Furman power products home.

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Art Reiger


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Pete Dugas


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Bradley Johnson

Live Sound Engineer


Discrete Symmetrical Power Filter, 15 Amp


power conditioner

Conditioner Power HT 15A Power Factor


power conditioner

30A Global Voltage Regulator / Power Conditioner

P-3600 AR G

power conditioner

20A Prestige Symmetrically Balanced Power Conditioner

P-2400 IT

power conditioner

15A Merit Series Power Conditioner w/Lights


power conditioner

20A Advanced Power Conditioner W/SMP, No Lights, 9 Outlets, 1RU, 10Ft Cord


power conditioner

15A Classic Series Power Conditioner w/Lights


power conditioner

Discrete Symmetrical Power Filter, 20 Amp


power conditioner

Conditioner Power HT 20A Power Factor


power conditioner

20A Prestige Voltage Regulator / Power Conditioner

P-2400 AR

power conditioner

15A Prestige Power Conditioner w/ Power Factor Technology

P-1800 PFR

power conditioner

15A Standard Power Conditioner w/Lights and Digital Meter


power conditioner

20A Power Conditioner with Lights, Voltmeter


power conditioner

15A Power Conditioner with Lights, Voltmeter


power conditioner

Conditioner Power HT 15 Amp


power conditioner

Conditioner Power HT 15A Dual Meter


power conditioner

15A Prestige Voltage Regulator, 120V

P-1800 AR

power conditioner

15A Standard Power Conditioner


power conditioner

Merit Series 15 Amp Voltage Regulator


power conditioner

20A Power Conditioner with Lights, Volt/Ammeter


power conditioner

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